Emily Tate

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Emily Elizabeth Tate is an exceptionally accomplished eighteen-year-old who is strongly dedicated to realizing her artistic dreams.  She was born on March 8, 1993 to Miriam and David Tate.  As the youngest of five artistic children, the arts have always been central to Emily’s life.  She was introduced to dance by her two older sisters who also loved to dance and perform.  They danced with her from the day she was born, including her in numerous performances for family and friends.

She took her first tap class when she was four years old and soon began ballet. However, her training really began when she started classes at Diamond Talent Productions, a performing arts studio in St. George, Utah under the direction of Brian and Melinda Larson, at age seven.  By age twelve she was dancing with the top levels at Diamond Talent.  She has studied ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater, modern, classical partnering, contemporary, hip hop, ballroom and voice.  Emily has always taken her dance training very seriously which led her to begin homeschooling in the sixth grade so that she could manage her busy dance schedule.  She is now a graduating senior from Utah Virtual Academy and is completing her tenth year with Diamond Talent Productions.

Emily has been accepted into many summer dance intensives with prestigious art schools around the country.  When she was twelve, Emily attended a four week intensive in New York City with the Joffrey Ballet School.  At age fifteen, she attended a six week intensive in Philadelphia with The Rock School for Dance Education. The following year, Emily went to a five week intensive in San Francisco with The San Francisco Ballet School; and last summer Emily was one of 44 dancers from around the world to be accepted and to attend the three week dance intensive at The Juilliard School in New York City.

This year, Emily has been busy training and performing with Diamond Talent.  In their recent Christmas show, Emily performed as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker section and was a featured performer in the rest of the show.  Along with her own training and performing, she has been a student teacher at Diamond Talent for the past three years.

As a senior in high school, this year Emily applied to and auditioned for three of the best schools for dance in the country: The Juilliard School, The Boston Conservatory and Purchase College – State University of New York.  She was accepted on scholarship to all three schools.

Emily’s Future Education/Training

This year, the faculty and admissions representatives of The Juilliard School auditioned 563 dancers from around the world to be a part of their world class school.  After narrowing it down to 54 dancers through the audition process, 26 dancers (13 women and 13 men) were accepted to be a part of the Class of 2015 at Juilliard.  Emily has decided to make this amazing dream come true and attend The Juilliard School this fall in New York City to pursue her B.F.A. degree in Dance.

Financial Support for Emily

Although Emily was awarded scholarships from The Juilliard School, at this time she is still in need of $13,000 to cover her schooling costs for the 2011/2012 school year.  To read Emily’s Financial Statement outlining her expenses, scholarships and unmet need, please click here.

Contribute to Emily Tate’s Individual Artist Grant

100% of your contribution goes directly to the Individual Artist Grant for Emily Tate for her 2011/2012 academic year expenses as detailed through her Financial Statement.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting Emily in reaching her dreams! You may follow Emily’s progress and dance career via our blog.

Emily would like to thank her unbelievably supportive parents and siblings who have given her so much love and support throughout her life.  She also wants to thank Brian and Melinda Larson for the incredible influence they have had on her.  Melinda has been a phenomenal teacher to Emily since she started at Diamond Talent and Emily would like to give her a special thank you for helping her believe in herself and her ability to achieve her dreams.  Without Diamond Talent’s exemplary training and focus on building character and dreaming big, Emily would not have this outstanding opportunity to attend The Juilliard School.

Emily would also like to thank Hank and Mariangela Landau and the Soul Fire Creative Center for selecting her to be the recipient of this wonderful grant and sponsoring her in order to help make it financially possible for Emily to go to Juilliard.  Emily is immensely grateful to all of her family, friends, role models, teachers and support system for the love and support they have given to her throughout her life.

Learn more about Emily by clicking on the links below:
Enjoy watching Emily perform here:

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