is a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide dynamic cultural and educational programs that address the longing of individuals and communities for authentic, revitalizing, and unifying creative expression.

Through our tax-deductible Individual Artist’s Grants, our Outreach Division supports artists in fulfilling their dreams.



Some Words From The Founder And Executive Director of Soulfire Creative Center

Even in the midst of undeniable evidence that the interdependent nature of our lives is increasing, even after witnessing testimony upon testimony of renewed hope and inspired action, still, many of us wrestle with passivity and despair.  We seem to relentlessly search for our authentic expression, for meaningful connection with the deepest part of ourselves and with each other, as well as for our unique and certain destiny.  We grapple with the numbing repetition of daily routine, longing to fuel our lives with purpose.  That fuel resides in the wellspring of our rich, potent imaginations.  We are never without images or creative impulses.  However, we often feel outside the means to birth these impulses into expression.  Creative expression pierces our gloom. Creative expression pierces our gloom, transforming our hollowness and despair.  As it fills us with enthusiasm and sweetness, we are renewed.

It is our nature to be dynamically co-creative, harmoniously interdependent, and deliciously fulfilled.  The more we give ourselves over to that experience, the more palpably we long to fully birth our authentic selves, to boldly express our deepest desires, to meaningfully connect with a resonant community.

One way to address this longing is to reconnect with the wellspring of our creative genius.  Our wells are vast, our imaginations potent, and our desires are fervent and full of grace.

Within each of us is a creative expressor – a champion of the heart, a guardian of the mysteriously intuitive, a keeper of the soul flame.  To be in communion with this creative self is to be continually roused to craft exhilarating, enchanting, momentous lives of creative bounty that contributes to our communities thereby impacting the world.

-Mariangela Pino Landau, Executive Director