What People Are Saying About Emily Tate

“She is a stunning performer on stage in every style of dance and musical theatre. Emily is dependable and will accomplish anything set before her. She is courageous and does not give up when things get challenging. Emily has a strong desire to make her participation in the dance world happen in her life to inspire others and bring joy to the world. Emily is gifted and hard-working. She is without a doubt the strongest and most committed female student I have taught in the 14 years I have had my studio.”

-Melinda Larson

Diamond Talent Productions Artistic Director and Master Teacher


“…I could see in Emily the qualities necessary to become a truly great dancer: passion, ambition to excel in what she does, talent, focus and an extraordinary work ethic. Since then I have watched Emily grow into a young woman full of beauty, kindness, focus and an uncanny ability to be present and to light up the room wherever she goes. I feel deep affection and love for Emily and hope that the rest of the world will recognize her gifts and support her in developing them.”

-Regina Montgomery

St. George Community Healing Arts Center


“I have worked, directed, and mentored young people for the last 19 years and Emily Tate is without exaggeration one of the most naturally and amazingly gifted performers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and mentoring…Miss Tate possesses a strong work ethic as well as a mature command over her own person and individual vision.  Emily’s sense of personal integrity is not only patent in her creative endeavors but also in her actions in a very active life as a brilliant student, daughter, and a young woman.”

-Janet Ivey


Janet’s Planet (Winner of 10 Regional Emmy Awards and 4 Gracie Allen Awards)